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Dog Spa Ideas You Can Do At Home

Spa treatments for humans are not only relaxing, but they help us rejuvenate and clean up. Your dog won’t be able to tell you this, but they also like the serenity and comfort that comes with a spa. The main issue? Convincing your dog that this isn’t just another “bath,” the dreaded word that makes […]

Does Your Dog Need A Winter Sweater?

Winter weather can make life tough for anyone. While we all put on warmer clothes to keep from getting cold, our dogs are born with coats that they wear year round. But is your dog’s coat keeping it warm enough? There are some things to consider before taking your dog out into winter weather. Some […]

5 Tips To Help With Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety

Some dogs suffer from stress whenever you’re away from home, and they can act out by barking, whining, destroying furniture or making a mess in the house. These are common symptoms of separation anxiety. If your dog seems upset when you’re leaving them alone at home, and if they are beyond overjoyed when you come […]