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Dog Food Digestibility

Each kind of food has a different level of digestibility which results from both the way it is processed and the ingredients used. The least digestible in terms of processing is dry extruded, or kibble, and the most digestible forms are frozen and raw diets. The range of digestibility in pet food ingredients also varies […]

Dog Food Processing

Dog foods are processed to fit into one of the following categories: dry extruded (kibble), canned, baked, soft moist, shelf-stable moist (chub packs), refrigerated, frozen, dehydrated, and raw. This is important to know because most processing methods destroy the nutrients and live enzymes originally contained within the food. Even if a company starts out with […]

Dog Food Ingredients

Most commercial pet food is made with ingredients you would not eat yourself. Although the foods are technically complete from a nutritional standpoint, the ingredients used are considered “feed grade” or “pet grade” because they don’t meet the same standards as foods sold to people. Where the ingredients come from is just as important as […]

Classifications of dog food

Within the pet food industry, the classifications of pet food marketed today are described as followed, according to Dr. Martin Glinsky, animal nutritionist. Basic – usually contains corn, wheat, animal by-products, artificial colors and preservatives, and meets AAFCO nutrient guidelines. Example: Alpo Value Added – may contain different shapes/colors and/or elevated nutrition. Example: Beneful Premium […]

Who regulates dog food

All dog food in the United States is regulated by AAFCO, the Association of American Feed Control Officials, which is under the umbrella of the FDA. AAFCO determines the minimum levels of nutrients that must be present in foods that are sold for pets or livestock. Though many dog foods claim to be for puppies, […]

Ingredients & Benefits

Ingredients & Benefits of our “Complete Nutrition Diets” Trucker’s Mutt-Loaf and Penelope’s Grain Free Feast At The Good Dog Food Company, we use only the very best ingredients in our dog food. All-Natural Grass-Fed Beef and Beef Liver: The beef used in our recipes comes from cattle raised in open pastures, and never exposed to […]

Menu – Snacks

All our healthy treats are lovingly hand-made. You can see a complete list of ingredients at our online store. Jerky Treats Our mouth-watering, limited-ingredient jerky treats come in three excellent varieties – Trucker’s Cluckers (chicken breast), Jilli’s Jerky (chicken and organic carrot), and Healthy Hares (rabbit and organic carrot). Occasionally we make Joint Jerky, which […]

Menu – Body Builder

Supplemental Recipe*: May be a good diet for dogs with immuno-suppresive disorders Ingredients & Benefits: Steelhead- cooling energy, tonifies Qi, Yin and blood, moisturizes dry conditions, excellent source of vitamin B12, niacin, pantothenic acid, selenium and omega 3 fatty acids Brown Rice- neutral to cooling energy, strengthens spleen, nourishes stomach, quenches thirst, relieves irritability, astringes […]

Menu – Beat the Heat

Supplemental Recipe*: A Seasonal diet that would most resemble what dogs would naturally eat this time of year. Ingredients & Benefits: Rabbit- cooling energy, supports the liver, cools the blood, Yin tonic, Qi tonic, low calorie, anti-allergenic Cucumber- cooling energy clears inflammation, quenches thirst, promotes urine flow, contains iron, calcium, carotene, thiamine, riboflavin and vitamin […]

Menu – Itchy Scratchy

Supplemental Recipe*: For dogs with food allergies Ingredients & Benefits: Whitefish- cooling energy, tonifies Qi, Yin and blood, moisturizes dry conditions, rich in essential fatty acids but more suitable for sensitive tummies than salmon or mackerel Sweet Potato- neutral energy, tonifies Qi and blood, strengthens spleen and stomach; commonly used for constipation, vomiting and other […]