Dog Food Processing

Dog foods are processed to fit into one of the following categories: dry extruded (kibble), canned, baked, soft moist, shelf-stable moist (chub packs), refrigerated, frozen, dehydrated, and raw. This is important to know because most processing methods destroy the nutrients and live enzymes originally contained within the food. Even if a company starts out with good ingredients, by the time the food is processed into kibble or canned it has lost many of the benefits of these ingredients. This is a result of the high temperatures the food is subjected to during rendering which denatures the proteins, changing their natural properties and reducing their nutritional value. The extrusion process used to change food into kibble further reduces the nutritional value, after which the kibble is sprayed with highly preserved animal fat and vitamins to replace what has been lost through extrusion. This may make the food less expensive to buy and more convenient to store and feed, but the hidden costs may be too great to justify feeding it to your pet. See the following chart that shows which kinds of foods are least processed and which are the most.


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