Does Your Dog Need A Winter Sweater?

Winter weather can make life tough for anyone. While we all put on warmer clothes to keep from getting cold, our dogs are born with coats that they wear year round.

But is your dog’s coat keeping it warm enough?

There are some things to consider before taking your dog out into winter weather. Some dogs have thick coats, and the cold weather in your area might not bother them at all.

Other dogs are originally from areas that don’t experience a lot of winter weather. This means that their coats aren’t meant to keep them as warm.

Some people think that dog sweaters are a complete waste of money. But think about it this way – even though most people have a full head of hair, they still wear hats or hoods to keep their heads warm. Hair does help keep warmth, but it might not be enough for your dog.

Before deciding whether or not you should get your dog a winter sweater, ask yourself some questions to ensure you’re making the right decision.

 What Type Of Dog Do You Have?

The type of dog you have should play a role in deciding to buy a winter sweater. Unfortunately, there’s no perfect system that shows whether your dog should or shouldn’t have some extra warmth for the cold. But your dog’s breed could have a history of needing clothes.

Some dogs are bred for braving the cold, harsh winters. If your dog fits this description, you might not want to put a sweater on it – a sweater could even end up making your dog too hot, and that would be pretty uncomfortable.

But there are plenty of breeds that aren’t used to winter weather. Dogs with thinner coats should probably be wearing a sweater over their body.

 Where Do You Live?

If you’re considering getting a sweater for your dog, you must be living in an area that gets cold. But how cold does your area get?

Some dog breeds can stand cold weather, but harsh, icy winters are too much to bear for most creatures. If you think that it’s too cold to go outside, then your dog probably thinks the same thing.

Even if you’ve gotten used to the cold weather in your area, your dog might not be as adjusted or comfortable. Remember, all they have is their fur coat while you have the luxury of wearing whatever amount of clothing you want.

Another thing to consider is the temperature inside your home. If you keep your thermostat lower on colder days, you probably put on a sweater to keep yourself warm. Again, your dog doesn’t have this luxury.

Dogs can get cold while indoors, so having them wear a sweater on chilly days could make them much more comfortable.

 How Does Your Dog Look?

 The most important thing to consider is that your dog knows if it’s cold or not. While your dog can’t communicate this to you, you can still look for signs.

If your dog is uncomfortable while out in the snow or if they’re hesitant to go outside on colder days, they could definitely use some extra warmth.

Age also plays a big role in deciding on clothing. Puppies could benefit from clothing since they’re still growing, and they could need that extra protection as their body adjusts. Older dogs could also use a sweater since their bodies tend to get a little bit weaker, meaning exposure to cold can get worse each year.

Also, it’s important to note that sweaters come in different thicknesses. If your dog just needs a little extra warmth, a thinner sweater will do the trick. No need to put your pup in a heavy winter coat if it’s a little chilly out!

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