Dog Spa Ideas You Can Do At Home

Spa treatments for humans are not only relaxing, but they help us rejuvenate and clean up. Your dog won’t be able to tell you this, but they also like the serenity and comfort that comes with a spa.

The main issue? Convincing your dog that this isn’t just another “bath,” the dreaded word that makes dogs around the world hide.

With the right tools and a little creativity, you can easily recreate a professional spa setting for your pup. Not only might they learn to love it, but they’ll come out clean and happy!

Start with Some Brushing
If your dog doesn’t like baths, this is the perfect place to start. Most dogs love brushing – it massages their skin, untangles their hair and removes any loose hairs that are hanging around.

For you, this is going to make the bath part easier. You’ll be getting rid of the extra hair early on, and you won’t have to try and deal with your dog’s hair tangles once you hit the shower or tub.

Bath Time
The first few times, it might be difficult to convince your dog it’s time for a bath. If your dog is hesitant, there’s nothing wrong with using some treats to convince them to play along.
Think about the things that you enjoy about the spa – warm water for a shower/bath, calming music, good lighting, etc. Use hot water for your pup and turn on some music that’s relaxing. Dogs can hear the music, and the calmer you are the calmer they’ll be. Natural lighting – or at least less-harsh bathroom lighting – is also helpful in creating a calming environment.

Don’t Skimp on Shampoo
There are plenty of shampoos for dogs, but you might want to consider using something a little nicer. The cleaner their fur is, the more comfortable it’s going to be for them.
By using a nicer shampoo, you can also help your dog stay cleaner for longer. Some shampoos also offer other health benefits for your pup, so spend some time picking out the perfect product.

Rocking a Robe
Who doesn’t love a good robe? After you dry off your dog, wrap them up in their favorite blanket, shirt or whatever.
Depending on your dog, there are plenty of good options for this. Some dogs prefer to wear doggy pajamas during this time while others might enjoy a particular blanket that you have lying around the house.

Whatever they prefer, spoil them! This doggy spa is for them, after all.

Nail Trimming
A nail trimming might not get your dog excited like a walk might, but this is important for their health.
There are plenty of good nail trimmers available for dogs that are designed to help you clip them to a healthy length. With shorter nails, your dog’s paws will feel more comfortable when they’re walking around on pavement or cement.

Don’t Forget the Treats!
It isn’t a good day at the doggy spa if your dog doesn’t get a treat! It might take some time for your dog to get used to the whole spa treatment (everyone’s first spa is a little uncomfortable), so treats are always a good idea.

Also, consider adding in other spa feature, like a massage. Your dog could be a little sore from a long walk you took them on, and a good massage will make them feel much better.
After your doggy spa day, your pup is going to come out feeling great and looking even better!

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