Doggy Socks And Shoes – Why Your Dog Might Want Them

There’s a good chance you’ve put socks on your dog’s feet at some point. If they hurt their paws, sometimes the only way to get them to heal is by covering up the foot.

Unfortunately, dogs don’t immediately know how to react. You might have felt bad if they started walking funny, or if it looked like they were uncomfortable.

But you shouldn’t feel bad for putting socks or shoes on your dog. In fact, you might want to start having your dog wear them regularly.

Your dog might look uncomfortable, but they’ll get adjusted to socks and shoes pretty quickly – sort of like how it takes people time to get used to a new pair of shoes. The benefits of having your dog wear socks are too great to ignore, and your dog might not even know that they want them.

Here are some reasons why you should consider socks or shoes for your furry friend:

What’s The Weather Like?

The most common reason your dog might need shoes is the weather. You wouldn’t consider going outside on a cold day without shoes since your feet will start to freeze. This is a real problem for some dogs as well.

Dogs might even need shoes even if it isn’t snowing or raining. If your dog ever looks like it is having a difficult time walking when it is cold out, it could be because their feet are cold. A pair of slip on paws should do the trick!

Keeping Their Feet Safe and Clean

This is one that many people don’t think about. If you were to walk around barefoot outside, you would be very conscious of where you step. You would watch out for loose rocks on the sidewalk, broken glass, metal grates that might be even hotter or colder than the ground, and so on.

Your dog might be doing the same exact thing.

Shoes are great for making walking easier, and your dog shouldn’t have to watch every single step it takes while it’s out.

Also, feet get dirty from being outside. You could keep your home significantly cleaner if you have your dog wear shoes when it’s out.

All-Terrain Doggy Shoes

Your dog might do fine when it runs around on a lawn, but different terrains can be more difficult for some pups.

Streets are a big problem for some dogs. Dog paws and pads weren’t designed to run across blacktop and concrete. Also, your dog’s breed might not do well when it’s on more difficult terrains. If you take your dog out for hikes, they could have trouble on loose ground, steep slopes or any rocky surfaces.

There are plenty of different types of doggy shoes that can make their walk even easier.

A lot of people stigmatize dog shoes and believe that dogs don’t need clothing of any kind. But every dog is different. One dog may have thick pads on its feet to help keep the feet warm and safe, but other dogs might not.

It’s important to keep your dog’s needs in mind when deciding whether or not to buy a pair of doggy shoes.

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