How to Blog Your Dog

Do you think you’ve got the cutest canine on the block? Or perhaps your pup’s hilarious antics need to be shared with the rest of the world? If this is you, then you’re in luck! Today, we’re going to share some tips and tricks for those of you that want to create a blog centered around one of the most important members of your family – your dog!

How to Start
dog-blogIt’s actually quite easy! Think of a blog as any place you can upload pictures and videos of your pet. If you’re already posting things about your dog on Facebook or Instagram, then you’re on the right track! Remember, a blog is not necessarily a place for a professional writer or photographer. They are also a place for pet lovers!

What Should I Blog About?
The easy answer is: whatever you want! We know pet owners that have started dog blogs to showcase their pooches latest travel adventures. Others simply want to share tips on pet friendly restaurants. The Disney channel even had their own show – Dog With a Blog – and the social media website BlogPaws writes about and support pets.

Whatever your reason is, there’s a place out there for you – and your dog!

Why Should I Blog About my Dog?
Well, besides the thrill of sharing your precious canine with everybody, there are some advantages to creating a successful blog. Did you know that some pet brands give away free products to dog owners? And some even pay pet bloggers to post a pic of their dog enjoying their brand!

Time to Blog the Dog!
We live in a very visual and socially connected society. There are many sites and apps that you can use to showcase your dog, but what can each one offer you?

Pinterest – If you want to get your dog recognized, you can use Pinterest to share photos of your canine family members. This keeps things simple as you don’t have to do a lot of writing and can just focus on the visuals.

Instagram – This is for the more photographically inclined. With a suite of editing tools at your fingertips, you can make your pup look fabulous in all of its adventures. And with the option of adding tags, it’s easier for others to follow along!

Twitter – Great for sharing photos and videos but remember you are limited to the 144 character count. That being said, it’s a great venue to create quirky quips from your dog’s adventures! And they have a great potential for popularity. Since they are easily shared and consumed, your tweets can spread a lot quicker.

Facebook – This is a great option to create a “voice” for your canine. Since you can combine photos with text and videos, you can really offer people a sense of your particular pup’s personality! Just remember to create a Facebook Pages account instead of a regular one; it might get deleted otherwise.

Tumblr – A great resource that helps to keeps things simple: you can publish content easily and people can find your content just as easily! This micro blogging service is a great way to get your feet wet before you decide launch yourself into creating your dog’s own website.

Medium – A platform that allows you to share the stories of your dog – with the benefit of getting others delivered to you! Think of it as your daily personal news service, where you’ll be able to engage others in your pup’s adventures and get inspiration from others. – If you want to take your dog blog to the next level, this is where to take it! This is a platform that will afford you the ultimate creative freedom. You’ll be able to select how your content is displayed and have greater insight – and tools – into how to reach more people.

Just Keep it Up – and Keep it Interesting!

Some final tips for your dog blog:

Be sure to update your dog’s blog on a regular basis. We recommend doing it at least once a week, however, that doesn’t stop you from posting every day or even several times a day. Keep the content interesting. Go for walks and play dates where your dog can experience new sights and sounds and smells.

Also, never leave your camera at home. And if your go to camera is the one in your smartphone, all the better. You never know when the perfect photo op might pop up: at the park, at the vet, or maybe even at our boutique! For us, the funniest and most engaging moments are when dogs are simply being themselves.

Have Fun!
We’ve found that the most popular and entertaining dog blogs make sure their furry protagonists and humans are enjoying life. This is what we love the most about dogs: how they have the capacity to bring happiness wherever they go.

If your dog has a blog, please share it with us in the comments below!

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