Studies Show You Might Be Healthier Just Because You Own A Dog

Your dog is your companion, and you don’t know where you would be without them – and the research backs it up.

Studies done over the years have shown that dogs improve the health of their owners in different ways, both physically and mentally. You’re living a healthier lifestyle just because you own a dog!

Pets Encourage Exercise
Your dog needs exercise to stay healthy, so it’s up to you to walk them around. But if you didn’t have your dog, how much would you walk around?
A study conducted by the American Heart Association shows that dog owners are far more likely to get the recommended amount of exercise than other adults – all because you’re taking care of your best friend!
Not only does your dog need walks, but they encourage other activities around the home. If you play with your dog when they’re energetic, you’re giving yourself a little workout. Even walking around to check their food and water is healthy!

Lower Chance of Depression

Some people decide to get a dog because they’re looking for a companion. The reasoning is clear, and it makes plenty of sense, too.
Companionship is helpful in reducing your risk of depression, and dogs have long been an ideal way to help. Your dog is going to be around you a lot, and they’ll make you happy throughout the day.

Dogs Reduce Your Blood Pressure and Decrease Stress
The same study by the American Heart Association shows a connection between owning a dog and having lower blood pressure and levels of stress – and the reason is awesome.
Petting your dog is proven to reduce blood pressure and stress. Yes, sitting there and giving them attention is making you healthier! Now when your dog wants you to pet them, you’ll realize that they’re not the only one that’s benefiting from it.

Decreased Risk of Allergies
This benefit isn’t necessarily for current dog owners, but it’s definitely nice.
Infants gain a tolerance to things that they’re exposed to, so exposing babies to your dog will reduce their chance of developing allergies for dogs. If you have kids or grandkids, this is a good sign. Keeping your dog in the home is going to make them more tolerant to everything in their fur.
In other words, dogs are building babies’ immune systems!

Dog Owners Are More Social
Yes, studies show that dog owners are more social. Instead of staying home and watching TV, dog owners are required to think about their best friend. This can mean taking them on walks, going to the dog park or taking them to the store to get new toys and treats.
Each of the situations can easily lead to meeting new people – particularly other dog owners. Plus, most people love dogs, and they might be excited to pet them.
You do a lot for your dog, but it turns out that your dog does a lot for you! The science backs it up – having a dog is making you a healthier person!

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