Things to Keep in Mind Before Putting Your Dog in a Halloween Costume

It’s October once again, and you no doubt have been planning on costume ideas. Pet costumes are a growing trend, and everybody loves to see an adorable dog wearing a cute costume.

There are tons of dog costume ideas out there, so there’s no shortage of ideas when it comes to finding the perfect outfit.

But some owners are a little too eager to dress up their pet, and this can come at the expense of their dog.

Before you dress up your dog for Halloween this year, be sure to follow these tips to make sure that your dog is staying safe.

Keep an Eye on Stress
Dogs can get uncomfortable in situations they don’t understand or aren’t used to. Putting your pet in a costume can make them feel constricted, and a costume party for dogs can lead to a hectic situation.

There’s nothing wrong with dog costumes, but if your dog looks uncomfortable wearing the costume you’ve picked out, there’s no need to make them suffer through the night just to look good.

Think of Range of Motion
Many costumes can restrict your dog’s natural range of motion. While this isn’t a huge concern in most cases, it can cause problems in others.

If you’re going to take your dog out while trick-or-treating, they should be able to walk comfortably throughout the night.

Also, some costumes rest around the neck of the dog, and if things start sliding or tightening up, this can cause discomfort – and in bad situations it can lead to choking. Just keep an eye on them to make sure that everything is fitting as it should.

Think Twice About Dye
Dying the fur of dogs has been a trend lately, and while some dogs are fine this way, it is not good for all dogs.

This mostly depends on your dog’s breed, but fur dye can cause discomfort for your dog. Also, using the wrong type of dye can cause health problems to your pup’s skin.

Do your research before you buy any type of hair dye. If you’re unsure whether or not it’s healthy, it’s best just to avoid it and find a better costume idea.

Don’t Leave Them Alone!
Dogs aren’t used to wearing costumes, so some adult supervision is going to help a lot. While some serious problems can occur, any small thing can happen that can ruin your dog’s night.

For example, any hat or mask you put on your dog can slip and they can be left without any vision until you come to help!

Costumes can be fun for everyone, but your pup isn’t able to readjust or fix the costume if it gets in their way. That’s why you’re there to help them!

Final Safety Measurements
If you’re planning on having your dog around during a Halloween party or you want to take them out with you while your kids go trick-or-treating, remember that there are plenty of dangerous materials that your dog could accidentally eat.

Aside from the obvious health hazards (like candy and chocolate), you’ll want to keep your dog away from glow sticks, small plastic trinkets (like fake jewelry) and any empty wrappers. All of these can end up causing your pup harm.

It’s not difficult to keep your dog safe during Halloween, and everything will go much more smoothly if you take the time to keep them protected. Be sure to be safe and have fun this Halloween!


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