Tips For Naming Your Dog

It can be a lot of pressure to come up with the right name for your new friend. How do you choose when there are so many? Sometimes you just need a push so that is what this article is for, to push you toward giving your pet the best name possible for him or her.

First, what kind of name do you want? Should it be cute, traditional, common, uncommon? Maybe you want to comment on features like the color or personality? More than half of all pet names are either human names or nicknames. Remember that this name is something you will say daily for many years so don’t pick something you aren’t happy to say repeatedly.

–       Names with one or two syllables are easiest for pets to recognize. Also, those that end in a hard E sound like Billy or Lucy.

–       Choose something that isn’t a tongue twister – something you can easily say and be happy doing so.

–       Avoid names like No, Stay, Sit, Fetch and other commands. It can be very confusing for the animal when you are training them.

–       If you choose a long name, perhaps pick a nickname to go along with it.

–       You can use the breed as inspiration. An example would be to name a Chow Chow, which is of Chinese origin, a name that means something great in Mandarin.

–       Feel free to wait it out and get to know the dog before giving it a name.

–       Give yourself permission to think outside the box. It doesn’t have to be a human name; Soda, Sprinkle or Shorty might be better than Sally or Sandy.

–       If all else fails, go online and look up a baby name or pet name generator.

Good luck! Enjoy your new dog friend.

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